RecruitExpert has arrived

What is RecruitExpert?

RecruitExpert is a specialist business division of Jantina Consulting.
We have created it so we can provide our clients within the UK recruitment sector with a single point of contact for specialist legal advice relating to their field of work.

What can RecruitExpert do for you?

Our service offering is tailored to you, and is developed around 3 key elements:
  • legal services;
  • commercial management services; and
  • training services
Because of the nature of recruitment, there is overlap between the three.
  • Legal Services: typically drafting legal documents for you, or revising them, in line with current legal requirements applicable to the recruitment sector. Also reviewing legal documents, such as client terms; handling recruitment specific queries.
  • Commercial management services: working with you to establish your own contracting playbook in order to equip your senior sales team with the tools to promote your standard terms and quick-review non-standard terms for suitability.
  • Training services: working with you to assess your team’s training needs in terms of key legislation, operational processes, terms & conditions, and bespoke matters as required.

How does RecruitExpert work?

We start with listening to you, and by asking you questions about your business and the reason for contacting us. Depending on your requirement, we may suggest coming out to see you and your team, for example for a training project, or we may be able to suggest a remote service delivery for more straightforward requirements, such as a contract review.
Our aims are to:
  1. help protect you from loss of revenue by ensuring your terms are robust and that appropriate contracting practices are embedded throughout your organisation; and
  2. help you deliver on your clients’ increasingly stringent demands for compliance with the UK regulatory framework.


Contact us to discuss your requirements. You can also use the @Messenger function at our Facebook page. We’ll be happy to provide you with a quote.

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