Projects & Client Feedback

A sample of our Consultancy Projects and our Contracts & Compliance Management

Gattaca Plc (2017-2018)

Consultancy project to assist the client with the delivery of a number of strategic developments in the international sphere; regulatory developments in the domestic markets and to provide industry-specific coaching to legal staff relatively new to the recruitment industry.

What the Client said

Cora has been a huge help to us here at Gattaca during the past year. Her knowledge of the recruitment industry is impressive, as is her ability to churn through a heavy workload. She is diligent, hard-working and her passion for the recruitment industry is evident in everything she does. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and am grateful for all her hard work and the knowledge she has imparted to the team during her time with us!
KS, General Counsel

I had the great pleasure of working with Cora during her time at Gattaca and found her to be incredibly knowledgeable about all legal and commercial aspects of the recruitment industry, with particular specialisms in commercial contracts and queries concerning the Conduct Regs, IR35, Employment status and the Agency Workers Regs. She is pragmatic, hard-working and efficient and has built strong relationships with all areas of the business (sales, legal, management) and clients during my time working with her.
GP, Head of Employment

Randstad CPE Ltd (2017)

Consultancy project to provide specialist legal consultancy services within the context of the UK recruitment industry pending the appointment, and once appointed, the acquisition of the requisite operational knowledge, skills and efficiency of a new legal manager.

What the Client said

Cora provided tailored advice across Randstad CPE and Randstad Middle East. Cora was a pleasure to work with.
XL, Legal Manager

I have known Cora for around 18 months and am delighted to support her work in Commercial Contracts. In person, Cora is approachable and considered – she is also friendly and demonstrates significant experience in her area of expertise – because of this I was able to recommend her work to my client and Cora went on to deliver an Interim Contract which was extended several times. She was then recommended internally to another role which fitted in nicely for her in terms of availability. In terms of commitment to a role – Cora is second to none – she has a home office and will go beyond and above expectation to complete tasks on time and to a high level. I am very pleased to continue to work with Cora and provide this recommendation of her work.
TP, Business Director Legal Recruitment

College of Policing (2013-2016)

Consultancy project within a large transformation programme. Specifically accountable for building commercial capability within the organisation, including the development, acceptance and embedding of a new suite of contracts and licences and robust contract management practices.

What the Client said

Cora is a consummate professional who always provides exceptional service. Cora has excellent personal and interpersonal communication skills and is a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Cora to any business requiring commercial and legal consultancy.
ML, Project Manager

I’ve worked with Cora for 6 months in her capacity as my Commercial Officer. She is incredibly diligent and thorough and in an evolving commercial environment, she took the lead on developing and rolling out contract documents and processes to support the business areas in their contracting and client engagement.

Serocor Group (2004-2013)

  • Contracts & Compliance Coordinator (2004-2007)
  • Team Leader Contracts & Compliance (2007-2011)
  • Contracts Manager (2011-2013)

What my Employers said

It has been my pleasure to work with Cora for a number of years now, during this time I have directly and indirectly managed Cora whether it be on everyday contract and compliance needs or focused projects, I have always found her to give it her 100% commitment. During Cora’s time with ARM/Serocor Solutions, she has worked to the best of her ability, been dedicated and passionate in her approach. Cora is meticulous and methodical in her way of working when reviewing contractual agreements, whilst also having a solid understanding of compliance.


I have worked with Cora for a year. She is methodical, loves the detail and is always determined to ensure that her contracts are correct. Her integrity is second to none. As a person she is warm and funny and great to work with.

MT, Solicitor