Winter is coming

It’s that time of year again. The race to the end of year shut down is ramping up.

It may seem contradictory, but for some this is the busiest time of year. It is that last drive to get a sale across the line, or a sudden realisation that there is money left in the Q4 budget to be spent. Or simply the need to get resource in place for the beginning of the new year. Whatever the reason, for in-house legal teams it means an increase in workload which has to be managed, often with fewer staff because of the holiday season.

If you’re an in-house lawyer and are on duty this year, I feel your pain.  Time is of the essence, and you need to dedicate your limited resources to what matters most. Just now is when you can least afford to be held back by time consuming activities such as contract reviews, or preparing initial drafts.

I’ve been there, and have good news: I’m here to help. Or rather, Jantina Consulting, is.

Jantina Consulting provides non-contentious commercial paralegal support to law firms and in-house legal teams. We are skilled and experienced in drafting and revising a wide range of commercial agreements and providing commercial advice to stakeholders in relation to terms proposed. We are happy to assist in bids & tender activities, whether procurement or sales oriented, or in any negotiations related to queries arising from contracts we have reviewed. We have negotiated a wide range of agreements across private and public sectors, including international experience, in particular the Middle East.

If the thought of the seasonal workload raises your blood pressure, or if you generally speaking could do with some help, do contact us. We offer a 30-minute free initial consultation to discuss your requirements. And, as a special Winter Offer for new clients, we offer a 15% discount over the first 40 hours worked on any engagements concluded under our terms of business from today up to and including 30 November 2018. Quote LN40 to claim this special discount. More details about our other Winter 2018 Offers can be found on our website.

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